The Environment Show and Special "Earth Month Shows"

Cindy and loveable puppets Spelling Bee, Bookworm and  APOOT the Baby Polar Bear are joined by children in songs and games. Together they learn to take care of their beautiful world.

The Sing and Spell Show
(Award Winner)

A literacy concert using puppets, songs, spelling games, riddles and dancing to show children of all ages that reading is FUN!

The Christmas Show

A joyful sing-along with Cindy, Sant-Apoot and puppets covering everyone's Christmas favourites. Join Cindy on stage for the hilarious "Jingle Bell Conga".

The Easter Show

Kids join Cindy and EASTER BUNNY for Easter fun! Ear and Nose wiggling competitions, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" and "The Bunny-Hop Dance Line".

The Halloween Show

Join Cindy Cook From TV's beloved children's series THE POLKA DOT DOOR for Halloween Fun! Costume contests, singing, dancing and lots of prizes!

The Safety Show

Using songs, puppets, quizzes, signs and games, Cindy covers common sense safety for children including: traffic, home, first aid, water and general safety rules.

Cindy also does a special Farm Safety Show for fairs.

Cindy Cook is a children's performer. She performs her 6 great shows at schools, libraries, malls, theatres and fairs and festivals across Canada, the US, and Asia with great reviews.  Cindy is frequently joined on stage by some of her puppets including Book Worm, Spelling Bee, Owlie the Baby Owl, Apoot the Baby Polar Bear and Easter Bunny.


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